Favorite Movies

Here are some of my favorite movies. I would love to hear what movies you love by leaving a comment.

  1. The Intern: First off any movie with Anne Hathaway in it I will watch, she’s gorgeous and classy. This is such a heartwarming movie (and I love the outfits that Anne wears in the movie). the-intern-760x472
  2. The Devil Wears Prada: When I said I love Anne Hathaway I wasn’t kidding! I love how Andy changes throughout the movie and discovers who she while The-Devil-Wears-Prada
  3. Princess Diaries 1 &2: Last Anne Hathaway movie I promise, I remember growing up watching these movies and wanting to go to Ginovia to see Princess Mia. a0c44760-f70f-0132-f410-0e18518aac2f
  4. The Blind Side: Another heartwarming movie. The simple act of caring and taking time to help someone can really change someones life. I’m pretty sure that I laughed and cried throughout the whole movie and have seen it so many times that I can quote it. I mean SJ is probably the funniest character in the whole movie and Micheal Oher has some good one liners throughout the movie.the-blind-side-31
  5. The Sandlot: If you ask me, this is a must watch childhood movie. This is another movie that I quote, I’m pretty sure someone quotes it at least once a day in my house. f035f24cc21b98eb34ff902781490010
  6. Grease: If you know you me know that this is my all time favorite movie. Another one that I can quote, notice the pattern?? ;). How can you not love Danny and Sandy and the whole gang. Grease_1978_521
  7. Julie & Julia: Julia Child the most amazing cook that ever lived, well that’s my opinion. I loved this movie from the very start. Meryl Streep is amazing, another actress that I will watch no matter what movie it is that she is in. I loved how throughout the movie they kept going between the two, it was done so seamlessly. bb678992536f579a_juliejulia
  8. Legally Blonde 1 &2: Elle Woods is my spirit animal. End of story. I mean she literally woke up one morning and said “I’m going to Harvard”. I can watch this movie over and over again and not get sick of it. My fictional role model is definitely Elle Woods. 480027-legally-blonde.jpg
  9. Remember the Titians: There is something that I just love so much about sports movies and then add in the fact that it’s based on a true story I’m hooked. 1445983522101
  10. Radio: I can’t even begin to talk about this movie all I have to say is watch it. It’s based on a true story and I just had to share this picture of the characters in real life(right).


  11. Mr. Hollands Opus: A mans musical journey throughout his adult life.


  12.  Mamma Mia!: Ever since I heard the song Dancing Queen by Abba I was in love with the rest of their music. Then for my 13th birthday I got tickets to see the broadway show in Hershey and loved it. A few years later it became a movie. I love to watch this movie when I need a pick me up!


  13. Father of the Bride I&II: Steve Martin does an amazing job in these movies. I can watch them all the time! I don’t think I would be able to handle being pregnant at the same time as my mom. I also love the father-daughter relationship because I hope mine stays as strong as it is now when I am older and starting my “own life”.


  14. The Last Song: The only movie other then Hannah Montanna that I liked with Miley Cyrus in it, plus who doesn’t love a Liam Hemsworth movie (have you seen his eyes they are the easy to get lost in-fan girl moment over). My favorite scene is when they are in his truck and “She will be loved” by Marron 5 comes on, it is so romantic.


  15. Hannah Montana: I remember seeing this movie in the theaters at the end of the movie they put the Hoedown Throwdown back on the screen. My friends and I all stood up and did the dance in front of the screen.


  16. 27 Dresses: I’m a sucker for love stories. I feel like this is such a relatable movie, always the bridesmaid never the bride. I love the scene where they are in the bar singing “Bennie and the Jets” it makes me laugh overtime. Ever since I saw this movie when I go to wedding I look at the grooms face when the bride is walking down the aisle cause his face is priceless.


  17. The Fault in Our Stars// This movie has a special place in my heart. A good friend of mine had cancer during high school (we went to our senior prom together). I love how the movie isn’t another sad cancer story (even though it is sad at times) it has humor as well as a love story. maxresdefault
  18. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 1&2// This is a laugh out loud movie and very quotable, it’s another movie that seems to be quoted daily in our house. The second one came out a “perfect time” I had just gotten my acceptance letter and deiced to go away to school for my last two year after much debate. While I was watching the movie I kept looking over at my mom and it was like I could read her mind as Paris was getting ready to head off to college.