Back to School: School Supplies Shopping

Back to school is supplies shopping is my favorite part of back to school shopping. Of course I enjoy shopping for clothes but there is something that I love so much about getting new notebooks and folders, pens and pencils that I find so exciting. Then coming home and labeling and organizing everything is just as exciting to me (I know I am werid but that thats okay).

When I go out to get my school supplies I go to staples. I love their selection of school supplies and they have fairly good prices. I also shop at target for my school supplies because they have some trendy office supplies.

For this upcoming semester year I am using a five subject notebook becuase I noticed during my previous fall semester I would bring the wrong notebook to class so by using this notebook (which i also used the same system in the spring) I am guaranteed to have the notes I need for my class and won’t have to worry about bringing the wrong notebook to class.

I also get a folder for each class. I get the staples brand folders and have a color for each class. Here is how I am color coding my classes this year (also a peak into what courses I am takin this year).

  •  Discrimination of Oppressed People with Disabilities (this is a perspectives class)- Navy Blue
  •  Art Integration- Pink
  •  Advanced Composition- Purple
  •  Health, Safety and Nutrition of Children- Light Blue
  •  Fundamentals of Math 1-Green

When it comes to my pens I am so picky. I have tried to many pens over the years and have learned which ones I like and which ones I can not stand.

Poppin pens (sold at Staples) are at the top of my list for favorite pens, I will be picking more of those up when I go school supplies shopping. They write super smooth and come in blue and black ink. Last year I got the paper mate ink joy gel pens in the 0.7 and 0.5 and love them. They come in a variety of colors as well which I like because I color code when I write in my Day Designer planner. I am also going to get a set of the steadtler fineliner marker pens to keep in my backpack as well as on my desk.

Some other things that I get when going back to school shopping include.

  • Sticky notes- I get the normal size and the mini ones
  • Post-it Flags
  • Filler paper college ruled
  • 1 extra folder for miscellanies papers that I may recieve
  • Notecards

Back to school shopping is my something that I look forward to every year. Leave a comment on what you must have when going back to school shopping.

Always, Allie. XOXO




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