July Favorite’s

It’s hard to believe we have entered the last month of summer. It is the back to school month as well. This month has been crazy and I have some new things that I have tried and am really loving.

  1. 13 Reasons Why (the book)// I am a little over halfway through the book and am loving it!
  2. Fruit Smoothies// I have been making smoothies for the past few weeks and love it. They are so refreshing to drink outside by the pool or in the morning as a wake me up. I love how I can adapt it to what I have available at my house.
  3. Clean and Clear Face Wash// My mom got Clean and Clear morning burst and deep clean face wash and I love it! I feel like my skin is so much cleaner but still gentle on my skin. I highly recommend giving them a try.
  4. Renewing Argon Oil of Maracoo// When I went to Pittsburgh for my cousins gradation party I got these in travel size and loved how it made me hair feel so when I ran out of what I was using before I picked this up and have yet to regret my decision.
  5. Quenching coconut curls curling hair butter// When I went to the store and picked up the shampoo and conditioner I saw this product there and decided to give it a chance and I am so glad that I did. I love how it leaves my hair with soft curls that don’t look like I spent hours doing. It also lasts all day. This product can be left in or rinsed out, so far I havent used it as a rinse out conditioner.
  6. Sleep Spray// Recently I was at bath and body works and got the sleep spray after using it at my friend’s house. It leaves a nice lavender scent on your pillows that immediately calms me down.

I am so excited to see what August it is going to be crazy busy but I can’t wait!

Always, Allie. XOXO


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