Back to School: Planners

One of the things people almost always say to college students is “write it down so you don’t forget”. My suggestion is if you have yet to embrace that concept you should start to. I have always used a planner to keep track of my assignments, work schedule, appointments, basically my life. I would be lost without it and I know a lot of people that are the same way. Planners don’t have to be boring and come in so many different styles that there is one that fits every person.

Here are some agendas that are super cute to get you inspired to use it!

  1. Lilly Pulitzer// This is my go to planner, I am currently on my third one. I love the layout with a month overview and then a week with enough space to write down all that I need to do each day. It also has a pocket in the front that you can store important slips of paper. I also love that it is hardcover so the cover doesn’t bend (that drives me crazy!). The agendas come in three size; small, medium, and large. I have used the large once and the medium twice. The small is too small for me personally. These planners range from $30 to $22, so they are on the cheaper side000642_1000444788_NoColor_400x400
  2. Day Designer// I have heard of so many people using this planner and think it might be the one I try out next. It has a month overview and then a full page for each day of the week. It has a times on the right so you can write your appointments in along with a space to write a to-do list. This planner has so many features that it can really help keep your life super organized. The one thing that I don’t like is it doesn’t have room for me personally to write down all of my assignments for my classes. These planners are on the more expensive side, they are around $60.00.


  3. Kate Spade// I am a huge fan of Kate Spade, I love how amazing all of their designs are. This is also true for their planners. These planners have a monthly and weekly page for 17 months. Another feature that is nice about this planner is the spiral is covered so it won’t get destroyed as easily. 173056_650.jpegWhich planner will you use?

Happy Planning!

Always, Allie.XOXO


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