Planning for a Successful Day Trip

I love going on day trips and exploring new places, especially during summer time. It is a perfect summer weekend activity to get out of the area that you live in. A major part of any successful day trip is the planning. Planning your trip ahead of time helps your day go more smoothly. Here is how I planned for my upcoming day trip to Philadelphia with my boyfriend Ben .

I started by searching “Things to do in Philadelphia”, I already knew of some things that are in philly but wanted to find a couple of extra things that I wanted to do that I didn’t think of originally and are more on the educational and historical side. As I found things that sounded interesting I wrote them down along with the address of the place and the the cost if there is one.


After I write down all of the places that I am interested in going I sat down with Ben and we looked over all of the options that I had listed out. We also searched more options and looked at each place that I had listed to see if it was something that I we wanted to do. At this point we also figured out what would work best with the what time we will be arriving in Philly and such. This turns into a puzzle in a way because we have to piece together what time things open and if times will overlap and if we cando what we want to do in the day, it gets confusing.

Once we decide on the things we want to do we put the address in google maps and put it to the walking setting. At this point we looked up parking garages based off where we will be in Philly. The last part is the budget, I have to set a budget for myself so I don’t go crazy with the wanting to buy everything that I see.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 12.47.55 PM.pngHere are some additional tips for having a successful (and fun) day trip.

  1. Crossbody purse// I prefer to use a cross body purse when I am traveling and going to the city because I don’t have to worry about my shouldering and much from a normal purse, plus it is so much easier to carry.
  2. Good pair of walking shoes// If you don’t want your feet to fall off by the end of the day and be able to enjoy the place you are going wear comfortable shoes.
  3. Camera// I love taking my camera with me when I go places to take pictures that are a better then the ones my phone takes.
  4. A comfortable outfit// Don’t wear that super fancy skirt or shorts that ride up every time you walk. I like to wear an outfit that I have worn before and know that is comfortable.
  5. Address of the places and Map from google// I haven’t tried this tip out but I think personally it will be super helpful so I know where we are trying to get to and such.

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Always, Allie. XOXO



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