Summer Pool-Side Essentials

Summer is such a fun time of the year. Everyone is in such a good mood and genuinely seems happier. A pool day is the essential part of any successful summer.

Here is my list of summer pool-side essentials that I think is necessary for everyone to have a successful pool day.

  1. Pool Floats// Inner tubes and rafts have some a long way in their appearance. Now you can get unicorns, a diamond ring and even a pickle noodle. Amazon has a wide selection at decent prices to fit everyones budget. These are my favorite floats that you can get off of amazon. 

  2.  Water Bottle// With the blazing it is essential to drink water throughout the day. Personally when I drink water I prefer it to be out of a fun bottle, I think it can make it more enjoyable to drink water out of as well. Swell water bottles and Yeti’s are a good option if you want to keep your drink cold all day.
  3. Bathing Suits// This is the most important part of a pool day, the bathing suit. Target has the best bathing suits in my opinion. I usually go and get mine in April or May and look at the sale rack because I can usually get a matching set for the price of one of the matching pieces that might be slightly newer. I notice that the ones that are on sale are still in style.
  4. A good playlist// When hanging out by the pool you need a good playlist. When I am out by the pool I use Spotify because they have such a wide range of music for people to choose from based on the music that everyone likes.

What are your essentials when you are having a pool day? Comment on this post and tell me about it!

Always, Allie. XOXO



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