May Favorite Things

June is finally here, that means it’s summer time! May was a crazy busy month between moving out the dorms during finals week and then immediately starting a summer class and training for my summer job. Here are some things that I have been loving this month.

  1. Simply Southern T-shirts// If you know me then you know that I  love “preppy” t-shirts and wear them at least twice a week. I recently bought two simply southern t-shirts and I love them. They are soft and don’t shrink in the wash (major plus).
  2. Cooking// Since I have access to a kitchen again I have been into cooking again, especially dinner since I don’t eat much for breakfast and have class during lunch time. There is something so therapeutic about making a meal and seeing everything come together. My go to foods to cook are broccoli, chicken, tacos, spaghetti to name a few.
  3. The Moon and More// I have been on a Sarah Dessen kick recently. I read her book Saint Anything last month (which made my April Favorite Things post) and now this one. The Moon and More puts me in that summer mood and I love it. Her books are so personal and is a prefect summer read for anyone heading off to college in the fall that may be going through the same things as Emaline is.
  4. Bullet Journaling// This seems to be an up and coming trend in the world of journaling and planning. I’ve seen this all over Pinterest but never really took an interest in it until I stumbled across a video on youtube and finally learned more about it. I have slowly been turning my journal into a bullet journal by adding lots of color and planning out stuff. I still use a planner because I like that system more but I love how it has inspired me to be more creative in my journal as well!
  5. Pura Vida// If you ever wonder where people have gotten a wave ring this is the where . My mom got me a bracelet from their website and
  6. The Shallows// Ever since I watched the first episode of Gossip Girl I have been in love with Blake Lively not only is she gorgeous but a fabulous actress. She lived up to those standards in this movie that I stumbled across one night with my parents. I heard people talk about and saw previews for it a while back and have wanted to see it but kind of forgot about it so when my parents and I were looking for a movie to watch one night and it was available we watched it. In my house I am known for picking the worse movies but I finally redeemed myself with this one!

What things have you been loving during the month of  May? Leave a comment!

Always, Allie. XOXO


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