Things I’ve learned While Going to College and Living Away from Home

Living at home for two years was fun but having even more freedom and making a life for myself with out my parents ideas always being there I have learned so much as well as grow as a person.

  1. It’s okay not to stay up all night// I am a perfectionist and a try hard, I openly admit it. Over the past three years I have learned that sometimes you can’t stretch yourself thin and worry about the little details that don’t actually matter. With staying up all night if your friends are all hanging out and you have an early class the next day or somewhere to be and want a good nights sleep don’t be afraid to go back to your room and get the sleep that you need.
  2. You don’t need the biggest meal plan// Before you go to school you hear that college food isn’t the best but when you get there and try what they have your like “What were they talking about this food is amazing” then two months goes by and you don’t even want to think about dinning hall food and start to see how far you can go with microwaving everything. Bottom line you don’t that huge meal plan it is a waste of money.
  3. Go to the gym// I never really was a big fan of the gym but with the not so healthy food options that are offered on a college campus I found it super important to go to the gym and get a good workout in. Like I said this is new for me but I can tell that my body appreciates the work out.
  4. Write it down and put it in your phone// I use a Lilly Pulitzer agenda (if you want to see all my school supplies go and check out my post about whats in my backpack linked here) to write down my to-do lists, upcoming due dates and assignments, club meetings and appointments. I also use my phone to put in major assignment due dates and appointments so I have a reminder go off so i don’t forget. College gets so crazy and you are always having a ton of dates and information thrown at you that it gets really hard to remember when stuff is due. This has helped me so much during the spring semester.
  5. You don’t have to be friends with everyone// College is completely different from high school. Everyone is here to reach a higher goal and generally understand the amount of work that comes with being in college. You are going to come across people that don’e believe the same things as you, do things the same way as you, or have the same motivation as you. It’s okay you don’t have to best friends with them there are so many people that you will meet while at college.
  6. It’s okay to admit that you miss your parents// I have always been a fairly independent person but am super close to my parents. I  have always had a very open relationship with them and can tell them anything. When I was at community college and living at home I would tell my parents what happened during the day, my assignments, about my professors just everything so being away from home and not doing that as much anymore has been a huge adjustment. When I go home I’m happy to see my parents but also love my life at school.
  7. Go to Class// I have always been the type of person to go to class. I live by the theory “I’m paying so I might as well go”. Going to class pays off because occasionally the professors count that as a part of your grade. This also means going to class prepared.
  8. Talk to your Professors// Professors aren’t out to hurt you or fail you they are there to help you. They are a valuable source of information and can help you later on down the road.

What did you learn this past semester that will help you in the future? Comment down below!

Always, Allie. XOXO


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