What’s in my backpack?

I don’t know about you but I love What’s in my backpack posts (almost as much as I love haul videos on youtube). I thought I would finally do one so please comment down below what you think I would love to hear your feedback.

First off is my backpack I use the Jansport classic Mainstream cool student backpack in multi sunset stripe color. I love it I used one last semester but wanted one that had a spot or my water bottle as well as a medium size pocket. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks and love it. There are just enough compartments that while not having to many.

It has one big compartment that can fit an 15 in. laptop, a medium size pocket, a pocket that goes horizontal, a small pocket that has slots for pens, and then a small pocket in the front with a horizontal zipper.


Starting out with the large compartment. I have my 5 subject notebook that I’m obsessed with because of all of the stickers and my folders for my classes, my lily Pulitzer agenda and pencil pouch.

The medium compartment has my laptop that I take to class everyday, my smaller textbooks (not pictured), my composition notebook that is required for my english class, my agenda and wristlet with my diabetes supplies.

In the horizontal pocket I have my snacks for the day and my charger since I am in class all day my phone tends to die and I get hungry during my classes. My go to snack are Kind bars I am obsessed with the dark chocolate almond coconut.


In the next smaller pocket I have my other essentials such a hairbrush, my vera bradley sticky note pad, extra pens and pencils, tissues, gum and my pouch of stuff that has my chapstick, mascara, essential oils and other stuff that I might need throughout my day. img_1952

In the super small front zipper i have my hand lotion and my schedule that I don’t need anymore but keep just in case. img_1953

In one of the two bigger pockets I have my textbooks. This semester i have a ton and only take what is necessary. The binder holds my loose leaf textbook so for that I just take out the chapter that we will be discussing in class instead of taking the whole thing and hurting my back. img_1936

What’s do you have to have in your backpack at all time? Comment down below I would love to hear!

Always, Allie. XOXO


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