Snow Weekend

If you live on the east coast then you probably have heard about the snow that is expecting to start tonight and last until tomorrow. Some places in the surrounding Harrisburg Area are predicted to get up to 2 feet of snow. Since I'll be stuck in the house I got to thinking that what … Continue reading Snow Weekend

New Semester

Each semester seems like it is the start of the new school year. You get new classes, new professors, and a new start to try to improve your overall GPA from the previous semester. With a new semester comes time to get organized yet again and I can't wait! There is something so satisfying about … Continue reading New Semester

Binge Worthy

Winter break, the perfect time to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate, your favorite blanket and binge watch a show. Here are my favorite Netflix binge worthy shows. Gilmore Girls: The show of an ultimate mother-daughter relationship with just the right amount of romance and humor. We follow Rory through high school, college, … Continue reading Binge Worthy