College Grocery Shopping

I am one of those people that love grocery shopping. I get meal inspiration walking around the store and seeing what is in season and what I want to cook for the week based off of my schedule and such. Since I am still in school I like to get the most that I can … Continue reading College Grocery Shopping


What I do for Self-Care

Self-Care is a recently new term that has become popular. To me self care is taking time for yourself to feel better in your own skin. There are certain things that make me feel better when I am down, stressed out or just need a moment for myself. For me I am always putting others … Continue reading What I do for Self-Care

First Q&A

The long awaited Q&A blog post is finally here. Before I get on with the post I want to apoligize for not posting as much. My classes have been super demanding and have had little free time to work on creating content. I hope over spring break that I will be able to get back … Continue reading First Q&A